Annual meals

2019 : Gastronomic meal of the South West

Dinner organized room of Verdet, in Libourne, on the theme A PROBE FOR LIFE, in connection with the surgical interventions on poor children with hydrocephalus in Vietnam.

2017 : Asiatic meal

This meal was organized in the village hall of Galgon on the theme A PROBE FOR LIFE.

This event counted 135 guests and was hosted by Jean Michel ZANOTTI and Pascal, his pianist.

2016 (November 26th) : Autumn meal

Meal organized hall of Verdet in Libourne followed by a Loto, a petanque and a belote contests.

2016 (June 25th) : Meal in Galgon

Dinner hosted by Jean Michel ZANOTTI  famous singer of the South West, Galgon party hall.

This event brought about 90 people accompanied by beautiful songs of the South West and variety that trained the participants to sing and dance.

We were able to appreciate the demonstration of Taichi, ancestral Chinese martial art, proposed by Marie, member ADM Vietnam Aquitaine, on 3 themes: bare hands, sword and fan.

We will remember for a long time this beautiful afternoon that ended with a balloon drop representing the 25 years of existence of ADM Vietnam at the national level.

Thanks to Jean Michel ZANOTTI who was able to share moments of emotion with us. 

Thanks to Madame Brigitte FERRIER, Master Artisan Florist in Galgon, for the production of the magnificent tables offered free of charge

2014 : Lalande de Pomerol

Dinner organized in party room of LALANDE de POMEROL, recognized for its great wines.

This meal brought about 80 people to whom Mr. the Mayor of Lalande de POMEROL welcomed.

A great surprise awaited some members of this event : their enthronement as honorary Baillis within the Confrérie Les Baillis de LALANDE de POMEROL. This brotherhood, whose name recalls the stay of the monk soldiers in this country, is one of the most active of Bordeaux, always at the forefront of convivial events whose purpose remains the promotion of the quality of its wines.

We warmly thank the members of the Confrérie Les Baillis de LALANDE de POMEROL for having kindly organized the enthronement of our three applicants in a very friendly manner :
  • The President of ADM Vietnam
  • Founding Vice President of ADM Vietnam
  • The doctor responsible for the medical actions of ADM Vietnam Aquitaine
A buffet was served, accompanied by a high-quality AOC LALANDE wine from POMEROL.

A raffle was also held to raise funds for the medical and social activities of ADM Vietnam Aquitaine.
Finally, we ended this beautiful day by visiting the LALANDE de POMEROL winery Château Bédrenne, where we were able to appreciate the quality of these great famous wines, in a moderate way of course.