Children's follow-up affected by hydrocephalus and other pathologies

​Further to a stay in October 2010 at the Central Hospital of Hué, at the request of our local partner, we took in charge the expenses of hospitalization, operation (after scanner to estimate the relevance and the feasibility of an operation with pose of probe), of food for 3 hydrocephalic babies, among which 2 abandoned by their parents.

We were welcomed by the department head of neurology and the surgeon indicated for the pose of probes and decided, together, to realize these operations. The good relations with the diverse participants are essential and allowed to drive things forward quickly for well of the children.

After four months of hospitalization, the babies were placed in orphanage in a specialized section and we continue to take in charge expenses corresponding to their medical follow-up and to the interventions to come due to their growth. Another 7-month-old baby took in charge since summer by ourselves to undergo an intervention in a few days to the Central Hospital of hué.

We are regularly contacted for other babies less than three years, age limits of intervention, affected by hydrocephalus, stemming from deprived families, of which we take in charge according to the medical feasibility and to our financial possibilities.

To date, we continue our financial and medical assistance for 2 girls in the region of Hué.