Installation of solar kits

Program "Enlighten the Villages"

Installation program of solar kits in very miserable huts in the middle of the forest.

In 2019, ADM Aquitaine participated, with the Enlighten the Villages group, in the installation of solar kits, financed by ADM Aquitaine, in very miserable homes in the middle of the forest.

The members of the association Enlighten the Villages begin the installation of the first solar kits on the slippery and dangerous roofs of very dispersed houses, which forces us to walk in sometimes difficult places.

In each house, are installed: 1 solar panel, 1 battery and 1 or 2 bulbs, depending on the size of the houses, + a 3rd spare.

Cost of 1 solar kit : 80 €

The installations were accompanied by instructions for the operation of the switch and the change of the bulbs.

The humanitarian group Enlighten the Villages founded in July 2017 and chaired by Mr. Khoa Danh, has 60 members.

Each member gives a monthly participation for the purchase of solar kits.

Key Activities :

  • Donation of solar kits to poor students who work well in the classroom with the help of school principals.
  • Realization of stacked communal roads for poor communities to facilitate the movement and transport of goods.
  • Construction of water filter systems in areas where supply difficulties exist.
  • Organization of medical consultations. Diseases already observed : malaria, diarrheoa, gynaecological problems. But, for the moment, without much success.

Vidéo installation des kits solaires dans la province de Ninh Thuân