Medical and dental actions

Localization of our actions

Centre of the Highlands  (Ban Met Thuot - Pleiku - Kontum - Dalat)


Our medical team consisted of 2 general practitioners, an endocrinologist and diabetes specialist, 1 dental surgeon, 1 physiotherapist and 2 nurses.

Our medical and dental consultations took place between October 26 and November 7 in Saigon and in the centre of the highlands.

Pathologies encountered:

  • ENT issues
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Parasitosis
  • Rheumatic pain and osteoarthritis
  • Spinal, spinal, tendinitis and low back pain
  • Care of serious skin wounds


  • Free medical and dental examinations
  • Distribution of drugs
  • Extra medical examinations


  • 1.030 medical consultations and examinations
  • About 300 dental examinations
  • About 300 cares done by our physiotherapy as well as advices and prevention.


Our team, composed of 5 volunteer members of ADM Vietnam Aquitaine (2 doctors, including one Vietnamese, 2 nurses and one non-medical performing the function of interpreter) left for his medical actions in the region of the centre of the Highlands from 16 to 30 April. This stay is in line with that of last year in the same region.

The 1,300 people seen in 10 days of medical consultations were able to benefit from the free services of our doctors : consultations - distribution of drugs - prescription of additional examinations - health books.

Not to mention, upstream, the work of nurses : blood pressure measurements, pulse, height and weight - blood sugar - wound care - drug injections - referral of patients to doctors - administrative information.

The absence of a dentist this year was felt in light of the prevention and care needs of these populations.

The volunteers worked in collaboration with the CARITAS association and The Vietnamese Red Cross who organized the consultation program upstream. The local authorities provided us with the premises.
This action was also an opportunity for our volunteers to reach people in their remote villages.

Collaboration with local partners has been successful in a number of ways :
  • Upstream, for their logistical support of our actions : information and reception of populations, organization of consultations, ...
  • Downstream, for the accompaniment and follow-up of sick patients (additional examinations, checkups and medical management)
These local partners lighten our tasks and allow us to be more efficient. They discover our way of working and seem to appreciate it.

In conclusion, our efforts have been rewarded with smiles, looks of gratitude and thanks. The successive actions bring us experience and the search for improvements of our interventions.

Thank you to all the stakeholders for their dedication.


Six volunteers have just experienced a beautiful human adventure made up of exchanges, emotions and looks that speak volumes.
To ensure the progress of this stay, three doctors, one dentist and two non-medical intervened last May in the Vietnam Highlands region.

'We carried out medical consultations, preventive and dental care at orphanages. We went to a day centre for handicapped children (blind, deaf, mute, down syndrome, hydrocephalus, mentally handicapped or motor) as well as to a clinic and villages on the edge of rice fields. Since our return, we have made several medical and social findings to prepare for future actions. '
"In parallel with the medical and social aspects, we will develop the Francophonie among the French-speaking population and high school, medical and non-medical students. We need all of us to help this part of the Vietnamese population that has fallen into poverty," said the president.

This stay of the six volunteers will have made it possible to make prescriptions, to proceed with the distribution of drugs, toothbrushes and toothpaste with a follow-up on the health books and prescriptions for additional examinations, make social donations and organize meetings with local stakeholders.

Contacts multiplied, work was not lacking for the missionaries.

Thank you to all the stakeholders for their dedication.

Datas :

  • 850 medical consultations 
  • 500 dental consultations and interventions 
  • Several kilometres through the Highland region


Realization of medical and social findings by a team of doctors and non-doctors. A member of ADM VIETNAM Aquitaine, doctor, participated in this action.

The interventions were carried out free of charge in orphanages, day centres and ethnic minority villages : 
  • Medical consultations
  • Distribution of drugs
  • Additional tests (X-rays, serology, ...)
  • Distribution of health books, notebooks, children’s books, audio batteries
  • Logistical support for local actors
  • Supplies for printing books in Braille.