Social and Francophonie actions

Social actions

Francophonie actions


  • Center of Highlands (Ban Met Thuot/Pleiku/Kontum/Dalat)
  • Ninh Thuan Province Region
  • Suburb of Saïgon
  • Hué
  • Hanoï

  • Saïgon
  • Dalat
  • Hué

2019, March 8th to April 2nd

Our team consisted of 8 volunteers including one interpreter.

This year, we focused our actions on the social component.

  • Suburb of Saigon visits and donations to communities and congregations that receive disabled, orphaned or poor children.

  • Central Highlands Region (Ban Met Thuot, Dalat, Kontum) :
    •  - Meeting of our godchildren welcomed in orphanages or from poor families.
    •  - Visit of a SOS Children’s Village composed of 14 houses hosting 6 children from 2 to 18 years and a mother.
    •  - Donations of food, clothing, nursing supplies and medicines.
    •  - Meeting with future partners.

  • Hué :
    •  - Francophonie evening organized by Hué high school students.
    •  - Awarding of scholarships to students of the Faculty of Medicine of Hue.
    •  - Meeting with one of our godchildren with hydrocephalus.
    •  - Meeting with one of our partners.

  • Danang : Awarding of scholarships to 1 student of the Faculty of Medicine of Danang.
  • Hanoi :  Awarding of scholarships to 2 students from the Hanoi Faculty of Medicine.

  • Ninh Thuan Province, in the East Center of Vietnam : We had the opportunity to collaborate, with the humanitarian group Enlighten Villages, in the installation of 12 solar kits, each composed of a battery, a solar panel and 3 light bulbs, in very poor huts, isolated in the mountains, in the province of Ninh Thuan.

2015, October 23rd to Novembre 16th

Our team consisted of 6 volunteers including one interpreter.

Social actions

Our actions began in Hanoi, including Hue, Danang, Ban Met Thuot, Dalat and Saigon, and we strengthened our relationships with our partners and met with new ones.

Like last year, we were able to measure the same difficulties and make the same observations.
We found the children sponsored by the members of our association under the same conditions as last year.


We presented slideshows on the costumes of the old French provinces and on the production of foie gras in three different places, north, center and south. We brought the Basque tradition to life among the French-speaking vietnamese population. Moments of relaxation, dances, tastings of Basque products and foie gras. Many exchanges and questions on the topics presented.

It was a great moment of change of scenery, discovery and laughter for our Vietnamese friends.

2014 October

Our team consisted of 5 volunteers including one interpreter.

Social actions

Our actions began in Saigon through Dalat and Ban Met Thuot.

We have made unexpected encounters that allow us to develop our actions and move forward with the certainty that we must continue.
We have been able to measure the difficulties faced by those responsible for orphanages and schools. The plight of the families we visited gives the situation of the most disadvantaged the scale. The children who were disabled and abandoned greatly affected our sensitivity. We were at the heart of the realities.

We found the children sponsored by the members of our association. Welcome happy children with flowers, songs and dances. We received all this joy with a lot of emotion.


We organized a relaxing evening with exchanges in French with students of all levels in a school. We brought regional specialties from France that were very much appreciated. We had prepared files concerning Paris, France and its regions with their specialties (cheeses and pastries). We brought the maps of the regions of France and the francophone countries of Europe.

2013 September

The stay took place from 16 September to 1 October 2013. The group consisted of 6 women volunteers from ADM Vietnam Aquitaine (2 nurses, 1 doctor, 1 interpreter and 2 non-medical).


  • Making us known in Vietnam
  • Widening our fields of action between Saigon, the center of the Highlands and Huë
  • Discover, for future missions, new places that will allow our doctors and dentists to offer free consultations


  • Visits to orphanages
  • Visits to vocational training workshops
  • Visit to a public hospice
  • Francophonie evening
  • Meeting with a group of Vietnamese medical graduates
  • Visit to our goddaughters operated hydrocephalus whose annual maintenance we ensure
  • Meeting of new local stakeholders and medical and dental consultation project
  • Donations of medical equipment
  • Dental and vision prevention
  • Identification of needs in selected institutions
  • Visit of our 22 godchildren in the orphanages


This trip allowed us to devote time to finding new local partners, new places for medical consultations and strengthening ties with those we know more and more.
The small group was able to grasp the work to be done on the ground, the state of poverty of the population and the immense distress of all these people.
Many shared emotions, tears for some, compassion and humility to implement to succeed our actions.
A true lesson in life to open our eyes to those who are not spared by poverty.

Thank you to all the stakeholders for their dedication.