Who are we?


ADM Viet Nam Aquitaine, founded in September 2010, is an antenna of the national humanitarian association ADM Vietnam Centre (Association for Development Aid Medical system in Viet Nam).

ADM Viet Nam was founded in November 1991 and registered in the Official Gazette early 1992 under number SIRET 41181395900011.
This association is in a humanitarian and scientific purpose in the service of the poorest of the Viet Nam and the Vietnamese medical body. It is based on the voluntary work of the members medical and non-medical of any nationality without ace political or religious.
ADM Viet Nam is an NGO law 1901 whose funds are collected from fees, donations and miscellaneous benefits of annual dinners. Its headquarter is based in OLIVET (45).

3 antennas are attached to the legal status of the national association:
  • ADM Rhône Alpes
  • ADM Normandy
  • ADM Aquitaine

3 sectors of actions :

  • Medical actions

    • Multidisciplinary consultation and distribution of medicines in the country for families who do not have money or means of transport: General Medicine, dental, diabetes screening, physiotherapy
    • Additional examinations​​
  • Social actions

    • Encourage the poor and deserving medical students, especially of ethnic minority origin; distribution of 45 scholarships each year (total: 810 scholarships in 18 years)
    • Donations of wheelchairs for crippled children (total: 85)
    • Donations of school supplies to students in the countryside
    • Donations of books in braille for blind students in the Highlands
  • Cultural actions

    • Present lectures in French before a Vietnamese public francophone
    • Organize meetings of members with francophone students to conversations in french​​​

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Creation of the antenna

The word from Chantal SELIN, President of ADM Viet Nam Aquitaine

I made the acquaintance of Dr. TRAN, president of ADM Viet Nam Centre, in 2004 as a regular Doctor when I lived in the Loiret. Following many exchanges for a few years, I was impressed by the extreme dedication of this humanitarian association. I engaged in this association at the beginning of my retirement I spend in Gironde.
Antenna ADM Viet Nam Aquitaine was created on September 11, 2010 to participate actively in humanitarian actions of ADM Viet Nam Centre with women, men and means we can have in the Aquitaine region.
Installed recently in the Aquitaine region, I met several people wanting to get involved with us in this adventure to the service of the poor.
The volunteer active members arise from the medical and non-medical environment.
Like all of the antennas of ADM Viet Nam, our means of financing consist of memberships, grants and donations, as well as the benefits of our events.

The creation of the ADM Viet Nam Aquitaine antenna meeting took place in September 11, 2010 at Saint Romain La Virvée Mecca of Bordeaux wine growing.

The delegation of ADM Viet Nam Centre consisted of Dr. TRAN Cuong, president of ADM, Mr Louis Dance, vice-president, Mr Yann DUCHATEL, vice-president, Mr Antoine MARCHAND, Secretary, Mr NGUYEN THI, Member, Mr and Mrs. MOLINA, founding members. The presentation of the association was made with 30 participants.

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Today, our antenna has 63 members assets and from benefactors in the Aquitaine region of the medical and non-medical environment. As ADM Viet Nam Centre, its means of financing consist of membership, benefits of events, grants and various gifts.

Composition of the ​Bureau

Extended Bureau

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Our objectives

ADM Viet Nam Aquitaine has the ambition to intervene in the continuity of the actions of the national association ADM VIETNAM Centre by maintaining the spirit which  animes it, but also in its own choices in relation to its local partners.

Its priorities are focused on 3 kinds of actions :

  • Medical actions in centers of interventions, mainly with the geographically isolated populations in the region of the Central Highlands from the center of the Viet Nam in relation to local actors, medical partners and associations in the field.
  • Social actions :
    • Logistics with the local actors in the disadvantaged region of the Highlands of the center of the Viet Nam.
    • Sponsorships of children orphaned or from families very poor.
  • Cultural exchanges : exchanges with the francophone population as well as the middle school and high school students.

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Our projects

  • ​In the centers for deficient neuro-sensory and mentally handicapped persons :
    • Financial participation in the annual purchase of piles for equipments of hearing-impaired pupils
    • Printing of books in Braille in Vietnamese
    • Equipment of wheelchairs, special armchairs, secure beds and materials of reeducation
    • Training of a job to the young adults (sewing, weaving, massage for the blind persons, etc.)
  • Purchase of food and school equipments
  • Distribution of medicine and health records
  • Financing of the complementary examinations
  • Helps in natures and in materials (cattle, farm implements, etc.)

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